Located 60 km from Iraklion, on the south coast of Crete is the small village of Tsoutsouros built next to the ruins of the ancient city of Inatos. Mainly a fishing/ farming community of about 100 permanent residents, is becoming a popular base of operations for visitors who prefer a less intense style of vacations, than that offered by big towns and popular resorts.

Tsoutsouros is the haven in the municipality of Arkalohori to the south of Heraklion. An unexpectedly picturesque and exquisite place with sparklingly clean sea, enriched with salt and ozone. The climate is wonderful as it has not a spell of moisture and that dryness contributes to the cure of breathing problems.

The houses are built along the coastal street, just by the long sandy beach. While most houses are new there are still some of them preserving the old traditional character, especially at the center of the village. Regarding the inhabitants, they are really friendly, kind-hearted, polite and willing to offer hospitality to any guest that decides to visit their village.

There are many small cafes and tavernas all with wonderful patios where in the cool shade of the trees the visitors can enjoy the famous fresh fish of Tsoutsouros. There are quite few rooms and apartments available in a couple of small, family owned, hotels in Tsoutsouros. Most of them are newly built with bathroom and kitchen facilities and since some of them belong to permanent residents they operate all year around.

Beach facilities like sunchairs and umbrellas or sea sports are not yet provided but you will find showers to wash out the salt. A harbour - rather a fishing boats refuge - is now under construction and will be ready in a one or two years. Facilities to yachts will be then provided, such as mooring, refueling, water etc. Mini markets and grocer stores are also available around the year.

The climate in Tsoutsouros is temperate. The predominantly northern winds, that blow in the summer time, are getting sometimes really strong without however to affect the sea condition. The best period to visit the place is spring and autumn when the nature is gorgeous, and the temperature is to a more comfortable range.